Escaping Your Ambitions: The 10 Defining Records of Underground Sweden

文: OR 先生

Best Fit挑選10張北歐(瑞典)最具影響力的樂團專輯,Service、Sincerely Yours果然成功淘汰(並捧起)Labrador衣缽。
Best Fit挑選影響北歐瑞典獨立音樂10支樂團唱片-

1. The Honeydrips – The Strangest Dream (Pt 1 & 2) [Sincerely Yours]
2. Korallreven – Loved-Up [Service]
3. jj – Things Will Never Be The Same Again [Sincerely Yours]
4. Lake Heartbeat – Mystery [Service]
5. The Tough Alliance – A New Chance [Sincerely Yours]
6. The Embassy – Was That All It Was [Service]
7. Studio – Life’s A Beach [Information]
8. Jens Lekman – I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You [Service]
9. Air France – Beach Party [Sincerely Yours]
10. Boat Club – All The Time [Cascine]


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